Bertudung selfie dalam fitting room

Semuanya masih lawa lagi kerana Ijah jenis yang pandai menjaga baju. Tanpa banyak bicara, dia bangun untuk mengambil makanan. Nanti untuk resepsi ketiga tu, Iza pakai sahajalah mana-mana baju kurung moden yang cantik dalam almari Iza tu tak boleh ke, mummy? Sementelah baju pengantin untuk resepsi ketiga telah ditetapkan iaitu baju kurung moden untuk Ijah dan baju Melayu untuk Thaqif, jadi Ijah rasa dia boleh sahaja pakai baju kurung moden yang berlambak di dalam almari bajunya itu. "Okey." Sekali lagi dia kalah mati bila berdebat dengan mummy. Kelihatan Thaqif berdiri segak dengan tuxedo hitam. Sampai di d' Cengkih, Ijah masuk beriringan dengan Thaqif. Ijah duduk, Thaqif turut melabuhkan punggung di kerusi berhadapan Ijah. Ray-Ban Aviator ditanggalkan dan diletakkan bersebelahan kunci kereta. Ijah yang masih menyeluruh ruang restoran itu memandang Thaqif.

You wander on over to the fitting room to try it on — only to find that it doesn’t quite fit. Will you slip into your old clothes, get back out there on the floor, pick the right size, and try it on again?

In this case, the color green would be transposed on the image of the dress you’re wearing to make it look green.

Neiman Marcus is gradually leveraging Memomi’s digital-mirror technology in additional ways. Especially if you’re a prescription glasses wearer, that can be a challenge: After all, how can you tell how you look in something if you don’t have your glasses on?

Makeup stations at Neiman are also using these digital mirrors to record applications upon customer request.

If you choose to, artists can now record a makeup tutorial on the digital mirror, even breaking it down into segments — cheeks, eyes, etc. Tinsley sees three important technologies as converging to enhance your in-store experience even further: RFID tags and readers, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence as applied to big data.

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Also possible: Try on a red dress and it shows up in the mirror as another available color — green, for instance.

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