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As I said before, most of my models are friends and/or lovers.They come to me because they have seen my work and want to be photographed.To me, there is no border in the beauty of being human.Sex is an integral and beautiful part of our humanity.It helps me to understand what my models may be feeling about the process.It was also an experiment to find out if I could still “see” through the camera while being in front of it.Sex does not equal porn, though most porn is only about sex.99% of the comments I get about my work are positive. Women who are pleased to find real erotica and who are so tired of what is being passed off as erotica.

Even though you want to play around for the night with these ladies, they simply could not be bothered, and you wind up going home with your junk in your hand all alone.

What’s in your opinion the difference, when you take your own work in consideration, between pornography and erotic art?

To me, pornography is paying strangers to have sex for the sole purpose of making money from people viewing the images.

Your models have character, and are not the mainstream men and women, how do you select them?

and generally how do you get them in to perform in front of your camera?

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