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Even if attacking Iraq is necessary to get Clinton out of his personal mess, it will not be in the interest of the U. BTW, the last national number I saw was only 27% of all welfare dollars actually went to the poverty stricken. He has to be saying Man that Clinton is SCARY look at how his approval rating is at an all time high and his wife hasn't cut his throat, And that girl Monica's Dad hasn't slit his throat! Most federal aid and local welfare spending goes to the welfare industry rather than directly to poor people.

Is my thinking, old news, not related to modern day people control.? We let Saddam kill Kurds & Marsh Arabs & did nothing. A short salvo of 3 pounders should cave in her timbers like than her skipper's moral resolve. If it be yer intention to carry away the buxom lass, be quick. International Welfare Spending - Corporate Welfare Bums - 0,000,000,000, Bonds Currency International Bankers Suits get 63% of the Local Welfare Dollars ( 0,000 per year ) - The poor/worker/citizen gets 37% of the welfare Dollars. The rest is paid to middlemen and social workers who make up the welfare bureaucracy.

Like Hitler had an over head Control Cost, when he hired German Citizen's, to Control the Fellow German Citizen's, that were targeted for the Gas Chambers. Out of the billions of dollars the government spends on welfare, only a small portion actually reaches the hands of the truly needy.

In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for example, only 37 percent of total welfare spending goes directly to poor people.

She decided to go to police on January 4 last year after talking to a friend in Malaysia.

Clinton's presidency is threatened by allegations that he had sex with a White House intern also does nothing to strengthen his attempts to garne Arab support. Hussein brought home to his Arab neighbors in a scathing polemic aimed at Mr. COMEX gold futures: Commercial insiders: long 92,532, short 77,266; Speculators: long 12,390, short 36,522. No reason to become excited, it has been bullish as hell for a year ..... Earl, by chance have you a ball park dollar number, for USof A Welfare costs. Hire half the working class, to kill the other half. This war is all about Power & Ego, and nothing to do with world freedom or a lasting peace. If we are so damn scared of high oil prices, then let us get off our *sses and put practical solar, hydrogen, thermal and wind power into American usage. It's likely to be a race between the floodin' 'n the skipper gettin' her first. Why not pass stand alone legislation requiring all recipients of government grants to disclose the salaries of their managers?

Some Arab skeptics suggest the president might launch an attack to deflect attention from his difficulties. Clinton in his family-owned newspaper Babil: If you think your sex scandals will give you problems which may lead you out of the White House, then the attack on Iraq will not only destroy you as president, but it will destroy American interests in the Arab and Islami worlds. The spec shorts continue to escape the just wrath of God as the ratio become less and less bullish. I had not understood, that only 27% of all welfare dollars, trickled down to the poor. No more wars for the vainglory of politicians, pants around their ankles! But like all govt programs it is really intended to reward hordes of middle class folks who would otherwise be unemployable in a modern technical economy. This is how Clinton and Gore are going to keep the employmwnt up! By the way, can you imagine how Saddam is feeling today? Does helping the poor merit 0,000 pay checks maybe or maybe not, but taxpayers should know where their money goes. Taxpayers deserve to know if their hard earned dollars are being used wisely or not, and thus stand alone legislation should be sent to the President that requires government programs and programs that are recipients of government money to track and publicly release their success and failure rates. Welfare Spending Before 1962, ***three out of every four dollars in federal aid to the poor went to them directly, in cash.*** Today, the numbers are almost reversed.

However, she said the offences were so serious, only an immediate term of imprisonment was appropriate.

Khoo was sentenced to a prison term of three years and four months.

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This will in turn give rise to the situation where cybersex can be illegal.

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