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A never-ending stream of fan-mail from mentally-ill dipshits?

Charlie achieved a level of Grifter-Nirvana that the most adept swamis would kill for.

Even more coincidentally, the Process would end up moving in some of the same circles as Manson and would, like Manson, also try to recruit Terry Melcher to their cause.

Sharon Tate would travel to England in 1965 to appear in Eye of the Devil, one of many occult thrillers produced in the 1960s and a kind of prototype for The Wicker Man.

He knew the stories about Paul Bern’s death but he also learned that two people had drowned in the swimming pool as well.

Unable to sleep, she lay awake in Jay’s room with all the lights on.

Suddenly, a person that she described as a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom! The man ignored her though and wandered about the room, apparently looking for something.

Manson somehow finagled a gig for himself and his "Family" at the Spahn Movie Ranch, where Hollywood producers used to shoot Westerns.

She was very uncomfortable, although she couldn’t explain why.

She felt “funny”..was frightened by every little sound that she heard.

They announced their engagement in June 1932 and married on July 2, 1932.

Two months after marrying Jean Harlow, on September 5, Bern was found dead from a gunshot to the head in their home on Easton Drive in Beverly Hills, California. (The body Bern's common-law wife Dorothy Millette) was found in the Sacramento River two days after Bern's death.

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