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I spent 15 hours in jail b/c I was in a super-conservative county where the cops are hardcore and the courts always...these are funny story's of my child hood underage drinking, hope you enjoyevery time i use to go out, i would always be in massive groups somewhere around 40 well this one night i went to meet my friend & we deiced to go buy a crate of Beer, we then went to this nursery school...I told my parents I was going to spend the night there, I even parked my car in the garage. I am definitely 'over' this experience but I still think it showed how ridiculous police in a Southern suburban town can behave....handcuffing a bunch of young girls ranging in age from 14 to 16. When the bottle ended, we wanted to go to mingle with other people. So I contacted a friend who was 25 and he bought us a handle of Kamchatka Whipped Cream flavored...I stared talking with some random guys and drinking with them, but then i realised that i have lost my... My friends said they wanted to have a great weekend. My under age drinking experience was horrible and honestly pretty scary experience.

For someone in depression a single moment of happiness is a gift so pure you can't even imagine. Its like nothing has changed in my life, I am just learning to except things for the way they are and living with memory I would much rather not have.Quite a few stories about running from the police too. I was at a party both over and underage I'm 19 and cops came had everyone outside and then took me and a buddy in the car about.;) I would go back and do it all over again I a heartbeat, except a lot smarter... 1hr later they came gave us a illegal consumption ticket.Above all else I am not letting myself get stressed on my body, I don't need to change for anyone, if they love me they will except me.That is how all people should live, moving forward and not staying back.

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