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It discovers unexpected resources in both its stars, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, who are perfectly teamed as the spirited and original title characters." Roger Ebert also praised the film, but withheld a perfect score on the basis of "the last shot before the titles begin.

It's a freeze frame that fades to white, which is fine, except it does so with unseemly haste...

Knowing he will soon discover they are wanted for murder and armed robbery, Thelma holds him at gunpoint and locks him in the trunk of his police car, while Louise takes his gun and ammunition.Thelma, a ditzy housewife, is married to a disrespectful and controlling man, Darryl, while sharp-tongued Louise works as a waitress in a diner, and is on-off dating a musician, Jimmy, who spends most of his time on the road.On the way they stop for a drink at a roadhouse bar where Thelma meets and dances with a flirtatious stranger, Harlan.They drive away from the scene and spend the next few nights heading further west.On the road, they encounter a foul-mouthed truck driver who repeatedly makes obscene gestures at them.

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  1. Stories differ as to how Brown was eventually paroled, including a story that Bobby Byrd's family had helped to secure an early release, while another stated that Brown got his parole after a car and motor manufacturing company owner, S. Lawson, agreed to be a sponsor after Brown had promised to look for a job guaranteed for two years.