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The series premiered in the United States on September 7, 2015, It takes place around the world and features pairs of contestants, rather than teams, in the style of the reality series it is parodying.

The first season of The Ridonculous Race consists of mostly all new characters, with four characters - Geoff, Leonard, Noah, and Owen returning from the original Total Drama series.

Four characters from the original series return while 32 new characters join them.

All 36 characters are then paired off into 18 teams of two.

All characters will be split into 18 teams of two, and must complete challenges around the world to win and split a one million Canadian dollar prize.

In each of the 26 different locations, each pair must go to a "Don box" to receive clues that let them decide which challenge they want to perform in.

Even though some of the characters from the main series will make appearances, the spin-off series will primarily have a new cast.

Sixteen teams now travel south to the Mediterranean Sea.

Their challenge is to swim with sharks, build sandcastles and then make their way to Iceland on speedboats.

Challenges are of four different types: an "either-or" (similar to Detours from The Amazing Race), a "botch-or-watch" (similar to Roadblocks), an "all-in" or a "superteam'.

An "either-or" gives the teams a choice from two challenges, the "botch-or-watch" is a challenge that must be done by one person on the team, specifically the person who did not take on a prior challenge's component, an "all-in" is a challenge that both team members must take part in, and a "super team" is a challenge in which multiple teams complete together in a challenge.

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Geoff & Brody win the leg while Stephanie & Ryan who come in last on this leg decided to break up and become haters on national television but they are declared safe as this was another non-elimination leg.

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