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Unfortunately, we had a couple little issues with our group photo shoot.In the first attempt, a poorly-placed hand made it look like there was an antler growing out of one dancer’s head.One the second day we brought in the children’s groups, along with the live music. In addition to the live instruments, there was full chorus of singers on hand, lending their incredible talents, and rounding out the shows spectacularly. Here we are in rehearsals, looking noticably chill (despite the fact that Namejs admin had too much fun with photoshop and made the world around us black and white): We had enough time at the end of Sunday’s rehearsal to do an entire start-to-finish run-through, and were all so awesome that we even got out of there an hour early!We’re not sure whether it is due to overall organization, or to Namejs being super well-prepared, or to us just being used to Dziesmu Svetki after all of these years, but the rehearsal process seemed to go much smoother than in the past, with relatively little stress or worry. This gave Namejs members roughly two hours to get back to the hotel, relax, costume up, braid hair, and return to the arena for headcount and official group photos.VI Vispārējie latviešu Dziesmu svētki (tolaik - Sestie latvju vispārējie dziesmu un mūzikas svētki) notiek Rīgā no 1926. Kā koru kopkoncerti, tā pārējie sarīkojumi diezgan raksturīgi parāda latviešu mūzikas pēckara ainu, kas jau manāmi atšķiras no agrākās un liecina, ka tā tuvojas savam briedumam.

Now excuse us while we rest our polka feet and collapse into summer break. The unforeseen consequence of this decision is that few other troupes selected these same dances, and we were generally one of only three to five troupes on the floor at any given time.For example, here we are dancing the world’s most exhausting dance, Sasukoju Bāry Zyrgu, with just us, Toronto Daugaviņa, and Rga’s Perle: Sure, this scarcity made us feel the pressure, but on the plus side, it made us easy to photograph! Speaking of feeling the pressure, we’d like to give an especially sincere shout-out to Namejs dancers Kaytlin Lapsa, Laura Kohler, and Kristine Surite, all of which were performing in their very first Dziesmu Svetki with Namejs!Here we are entering the arena: Like we already mentioned above, we are always searching for more videos, so if you have a lead on any, please let us know.In the meantime, here’s a very zoomed-in video of Perkondancis, featuring tons of Namejs screentime as we do some serious hopping: TT-Wc?

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