Gay dating for teens

Sometimes the worst exes turn out to be the best kind of friends.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I realized what a huge loss this could be.

Get to know who you are as a single person and you’ll be much better suited to knowing what makes a good partner in the future.

less Choose friends over lovers every time This is another one a lot of teenagers learn the hard way.

Part of safe sex is being able to talk to your partner about your history and practices. There are some questions you might feel more comfortable asking someone who’s been there and can speak to their own experiences. Check and see if your community has a program like the True Colors mentorship or The San Francisco Center’s peer support and mentoring workshops.

These can be big questions (Am I ready to be exclusive with my partner? less Beware of strangers with candy This applies to all gay teens but, again, I’m looking directly at you, gay young men.

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That isn’t to say you can’t be loving and affectionate but, again, less is more.

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