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Amusingly, its casualness also makes it a good choice for characters who are confident about themselves and their femininity, especially if they're to be put in contrast with a "watashi"-using Shrinking Violet.

In some cases it is used as a general term for "self," not unlike 御宅 An old term for "you" that fell into general obsolescence and became a subcultural shibboleth, giving the word its more common meaning.

it's used by female characters of high social standing (usually royals or aristocrats) with old-fashioned speech patterns.

In contemporary settings it's used by supernatural beings (goddesses, demonesses, spirits, etc.) who hold human society beneath them; because they existed when the address had its original nuances, their usage of it is loaded with irony.

お前 Used mostly by men with their close friends, children, kohai, etc.

Denotes self-assertiveness and informality, so it's insulting to use it with strangers or in less informal situations (usage is commonly related to ).

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Note that, even more so than in most forms of media, the language used in anime is heavily stylized and quite different from the way actual Japanese people speak in real life. あたい Originally used by women in certain red light districts, it later spread out and was eventually picked up by those wanting to cultivate a "bad girl" image.

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