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insists on the necessity of prayer, of fasting, of spiritual discernment in order to avoid spiritual illusion, of love, of forgiveness, of humility.As in the classical ascetic literature, monastic life is presented as a spiritual warfare with demons, and ascetic life aimed at healing the major passions (gluttony, fornication, cupidity, anger, sadness, depression, vainglory and pride).

The monastery received the name of ‘Lavra’ because it followed the lavratic system inherited from Palestine through Mount Athos.Kiev, the mother of Russian cities, will reflect in the former barbarian state the glory and splendour of Constantinople.The choice taken by the Great Prince Vladimir will crown Kievan Rus’ with the Byzantine culture and Greco-Roman civilisation of the Mediterranean World[2].Since it was settled in the caves on the bank of the Dniepr River, the Lavra was therefore called ‘of the Kiev Caves’.The monastery had a hospital which took care of the ill as well as a guest house to receive pilgrims and the poor, who were fed, serving in this way the newly Christianised society in humility and charity.

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I will begin my presentation on Russian monastic spirituality by telling an anecdote. Basil Zenkovsky defended his doctoral dissertation on ‘The history of Russian philosophy’ at St. George Florovsky made the objection that there is no such concept as ‘Russian philosophy’. Basil replied to his opponent saying: “I am thankful to Fr.

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