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He has called global warming a hoax, suggested that Barack Obama is not an American and linked autism to childhood vaccinations. During the 2016 campaign, Trump even claimed, without evidence, that the father of his Republican rival Ted Cruz might have been involved.

And soon, President Donald Trump—America’s most powerful conspiracy theorist—will decide the fate of more than 113,000 pages of secret documents about the ultimate conspiracy theory. Keep up with this story and more Now, on the year marking the 100th anniversary of Kennedy’s birth, Trump will have to decide whether highly anticipated secret JFK assassination files can be released in October as planned.

The most notorious was Howard Hunt, a career CIA officer, prolific novelist and acerbic conservative critic of JFK’s Cuba policy.

The agency has three operational files, three folders and two interviews concerning Hunt, a total of 391 pages of material.

The Warren Commission received an ominous CIA memo that repeated the allegation that Kostikov was “believed to work for Department Thirteen..the KGB...responsible for executive action, including sabotage and assassination.”The JFK metadata shows that the CIA has a secret 167-page file on Kostikov, which could clarify who he really was.

In May 1963, counterintelligence chief Angleton had discounted him as a threat, telling FBI Director J.

About a third of the records are CIA documents, and another third are from the FBI.

The Kostikov file may also reveal more about his contact with Oswald in Mexico City six weeks before JFK was killed.

The measure was signed into law by President George H. Bush, a former CIA director, and set the statutory deadline that arrives later this year.

The Cold War conspiracies documented in the coming records include: transcripts of the interrogation of a Soviet defector, a report on a suspected assassin in Mexico from the KGB Soviet intelligence service, the CIA connections of four Watergate burglars and the operational files of two CIA assassination planners.

Five documents contain information about Rolando Cubela, a disaffected Cuban official, known by the code name AMLASH, whom the agency recruited to assassinate Castro in late 1963. Among other mysteries, the metadata identify a series of Cold War spy tales that shaped American history.

An Infamous Mole Hunt The records are sure to illuminate the ordeal of Yuri Nosenko, a KGB officer whose defection to the United States in January 1964 set off a bitter power struggle in the CIA that paralyzed its Soviet operations until 1970.

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