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For more space, you can choose connecting rooms, and we also have two rooms suitable for disabled guests.

You can now book your event at this hotel in less than 5 clicks thanks to our Instant Booking Tool.

The print color of monochrome etchings is brown / black. The word comes from the Latin radere, which means scratching, scraping, removing, etc.

The (color) representation of the etching shown and the proportions of the image to the frame can not always be faithfully reproduced for technical reasons.

Beim Face to Face Dating bringen Sie bitte genügend Zeit und Laune mit, um in lockerer Kneipenatmosphäre nette Leute kennenzulernen.

Das Mann-Frau-Verhältnis variiert zwischen 3:3, 4:2 und 2:4 - und kann sich natürlich bei jedem der drei Tischrunden-Durchgänge ändern.

Lunch and dinner offer a seasonal menu of cutting-edge Mediterranean and regional cuisine.For food and drink in a more relaxed setting, head to our ground-floor bar. Die Blinddate/Speeddate-Veranstalter bieten Events an, bei denen Sie an einem Termin mehrere gleichgesinnte Singles treffen können.Kunstverlag Christoph Falk (art publisher) was founded in 1985 in Berlin (Germany). These are printed monochrome by hand and colored by hand if desired.The NH Düsseldorf City Nord hotel, renovated in 2017, is in the triangle between the city center, the airport and the fairground in Derendorf/Düsseltal.

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