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rather than an equal partnership.” After dating a woman with massive, relationship-dominating issues (including an ailing parent and job difficulties), Wallach finally decided that enough was enough.He’s now in a more balanced relationship that’s been going strong for almost five years.

Factually, their lives and loves are crappier—not happier.

Of course, he or she always has a different name (and probably a different job) than the last person you dated.

And each new love interest may even look slightly different from all the others you’ve dated in the past, but he or she always seems to come with the same immaturity issues and/or cheating tendencies as your previous exes did, too.

Then finally, move on to the fun part: “go on lots of dates,” says Dr. “Have opposite-sex friends; date beyond your usual type.

Breaking a cycle and instigating personal growth often initially generates discomfort, but that’s OK, because that’s when the good stuff also starts to happen.” This repetitive dating disorder can sometimes be more prominently seen in men’s relationship behavior than it usually is in women, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

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They take the brave risks of saying that they’re in love, and backing it up with their behavior.

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