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This is where the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of Cincinnati enters the picture.

The Baldwin story goes back a bit further, to Cincinnati in 1862, when a reed organ and violin teacher named Dwight Hamilton Baldwin opened a music store and eventually became one of the largest piano retailers in the Midwest. In 1890, Baldwin decided to go into piano manufacturing and began building upright pianos.

If you want to know about a Burns-built guitar, you need this book.

Jim Burns was an affable (if eccentric) personality whose forté was guitar design and technology.

The range reflects our tastes so you'll see an unusual mix of classic British and American amps from Vox, Marshall, Fender and Gibson alongside less-common fare from Selmer, Watkins/WEM, Ampeg, Supro etc.

Our amp tech has been working on these units since the 70s; we pride ourselves on selling vintage valve amps that will perform as close as possible to when they originally left the factory, though sometimes they can be 'improved' beyond original spec.

At the time, Baldwin became aware that Burns of London was also in search of a savior.Most came down on the latter side: CBS (TV) bought Fender, Seeburg (jukeboxes) bought Kay, Norlin (beer, etc.) bought Gibson, Avnet (hotels? It was amid this corporate feeding frenzy that Baldwin guitars were born, the result of a collision between the quest for guitars and the fortunes of Burns guitars of London.) bought Guild, Gulf and Western (oil) bought Merson/Unicord (Univox), King Korn Stamp Company (trading stamps) bought Westheimer Sales (Teisco, Kingston). At least Baldwin made musical instruments, although, as it would turn out, that didn’t make much difference in the final outcome.Alas, his strengths did not extend to business and financial management, and by ’65 his company was deeply in debt to suppliers and creditors.Despite the good times for guitar sellers, Burns London was in desperate need of a rescue.

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