Who is dixon dating on 90210

You want to know how you can really be free of having this sword hanging over your head, Annie? Dixon and Ivy: Dixon and Ivy are pretty much huddled together in their mutual misery over having to watch the people they care about in relationships with others.

They’re feeling rejected — Ivy after Liam is weird around her because of Naomi, Dixon after Teddy offers to set him up with his mixed-doubles partner.

And most importantly, is it appropriate to have sex with your children’s teacher?

The last question may not be the deepest of philosophical dilemmas (although Derrida may have touched on it), but in Beverly Hills (or at least ) it’s bound to be something a single mom has to grapple with.

Later, Jasper’s dad tells Annie that Jasper will be heading to a psychiatric facility after he gets out of the hospital, but would like to see her before he goes.

To get away from the awkward invitation to join, Ivy says they’re on a date. Also speaking of Dixon, we can see where something else is heading: his gambling is ratcheting up as he bets more and more on the Lakers. Then Liam flashes her the supportive puppy eyes and tells her she’s nothing like her sister Jen, and all bets are off.

How long can you go on pretending to be something you’re not?

How do you move on after discovering your entire life is built on a lie?

Overall, the West Beverly students took it easy on the drama last night, but thankfully, the adults were there to pick up the slack. ) So let’s start off with a bang — and discuss who banged — shall we?

(Side note: The lovely and talented Archana Ram is on vacation this week, so I’m filling in on recapping duties.) Mrs. Matthews gave the kiddies a lesson in when they got down and dirty (er, clean? (Who knew that soap suds and blue rubber globes were aphrodisiacs?

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