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The manual gives precise instructions, which El Pais has omitted to prevent them from being published, on how to avoid surveillance, phone tapping, or how to behave during police interrogations.

And it gives the following advice: "Read about and study differing Islamic groups, because if you know about them, it will help you mislead the police and prevent them from defining your sect." To attack targets and slip into protected buildings, the manual recommends "using army clothing" or disguising oneself with the uniforms of different public services.

The terrorist cell`s leaders should always carry more than one forged passport. The passport photos should be made without a beard and the job mentioned should be very simple...

If it is not your own job, learn something about it." When traveling, the manual forbids big airports and recommends using public transportation when entering cities.

Those who say that there is no secrecy in Islamic operations are contradicting the prophet`s Sunnah (the ways and manners of the Prophet Muhammad)" it says in chapter one.Muslims have to dress like the infidels, if it benefits Islam.Like the Jews who lived in the Arabian Peninsula in the prophet`s era." , October 31, 2007.Allpuntland Allcayn Allmudugnews Alcarab Awdalnews Allidamaale Allwariye Allsanaag Aflax Allwadani All Awrboogays Balkeena Baydhabo Online Bari Media Bosaso Media Biyokulule Bulsho Buruc News Buruc Baxaya Calanka Ceegaag Ceegaag Media Cibaado Current Analyst Dalweyn Dissident Nation Dayniile Dhanbaal Doollo Galgala News Hadaaftimo Halganews Horn Afrik Horseed Media Jamhuuriya Jamhuriyah Maanhadal Mareeronews Miisaanka Nomad Diaries Puntlander Qarannews Qardhaawi Raadreeb Radio Garoowe Radio Ogaal Sbclive Sheekh Umal Shabelle Shaaficiyah Somalimeet Somali Mp3 Somali Note Somalivoice Somaliweyn Somalitalk Somaliland Org Sanaag Post Universal TV Wardheernews Warka Waayaha Widhwidh Xamuure Online Xargaga Online are alleged to belong to two cells linked to al Qaeda, Spanish Interior Minister Jose Antonio Alonso told a news conference.He said there were strong indications one of the cells may have sent an Algerian to Jihad justifies everything.

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